Investigation of the Compatibility between Warheads and Peptidomimetic Sequences of Protease Inhibitors - A Comprehensive Reactivity and Selectivity Study
Patrick Müller, Mergim Meta, Jan Laurenz Meidner, Marvin Schwickert, Jessica Meyr, Kevin Schwickert, Christian Kersten, Collin Zimmer, Stefan Josef Hammerschmidt, Ariane Frey, Albin Lahu, Sergio de la Hoz-Rodríguez, Laura Agost-Beltrán, Santiago Rodríguez, Kira Diemer, Wilhelm Neumann, Florenci V. González, Bernd Engels, Tanja Schirmeister
Internacional Journal of Molecular Sciences
2023, 24(8), 7226. Link

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Impact of the Recognition Part of Dipeptidyl Nitroalkene Compounds on the Inhibition Mechanism of Cysteine Proteases Cruzain and Cathepsin L
Kemel Arafet, Santiago Royo, Tanja Schirmeister, Fabian Barthels, Florenci V. González and Vicent Moliner
ACS Catalysis 2023, 13, 6289-6300. Link

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Advances in the Development of SARS-CoV-2 Mpro Inhibitors

Laura Agost-Beltrán, Sergio de la Hoz-Rodríguez, Lledó Bou-Iserte, Santiago Rodríguez, Adrián Fernández-de-la-Pradilla and Florenci V. González
Molecules 2022, 27(8), 2523-2538. (Special Issue Featured Papers in Medicinal Chemistry). Link

Elucidationg the Dual Mode of Action of Dipeptidyl Enoates in the Inhibition of Rhodesain Cysteine Proteases
Kemel Arafet, Florenci V. González and Vicent Moliner
Chemistry: A European Journal 2021, 27, 10142-10150. Link


Mechanims of inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 Mpro by N3 peptidyl Michael acceptor explained by QM/MM simulations and design of new derivatives with tunable chemical reactivity
Kemel Arafet, Natalia Serrano-Aparicio, Alessio Lodola, Adrian J. Mulholland, Florenci V. González, Katarzyna Swiderek and Vicent Moliner
Chemical Science 2021, 12, 1433-1444. Link


Monitoring psychoactive substance use at six European festivals through wastewater and pooled urine analysis
L. Bijlsma, A. Celma, S. Castiglioni, N. Salgueiro-González, L. Bou-Iserte, J. A. Baz-Lomba, M. J. Reid, M. J. Dias, A. Lopes, J. Matias, L. Pastor-Alcañiz, M. Turk-Sekulic, T. Shine, A. L. N. Van Nujis, F. Hernández, E. Zuccato
Science of the Total Environment 2020, 725, 138376. Link

Phase-transfer catalysis and the ion pair concept
Florenci V. González
Physical Sciences Reviews 2020, 5(12), 20180094.

Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Fluorescent Analogues of Abscisic Acid
Florenci V. González, Lledó Bou-Iserte, Borja Miguel-López, Sergio de la Hoz-Rodríguez, Christian Kersten, Sandra Sánchez-Sarasúa, Verónica espinosa-Fernández, Ana María Sánchez-Pérez
Chemistry Select
2020, 5, 8015-8019. Link


Breakthroughs in Medicinal Chemistry, New Targets and Mechanisms, New Drugs, New Hopes-7.
Michael Gütschow et al
2020, 25(13), 2968. Link

Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Studies of the Mechanism of Cysteine Proteases Inhibition by Dipeptidyl Nitroalkenes
Kemel Arafet, Florenci V. González, Vicent Moliner
Chemistry: A European Journal 2020, 26, 2002-2012. Link


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Formal [3+2] Cycloaddition Reactions of Electron-Rich Aryl Epoxides with Alkenes under Lewis Acid Catalysis Affording Tetrasubstituted Tetrahydrofurans.
Víctor E. Macías-Villamizar, Luis Cuca-Suárez, Santiago Rodríguez and Florenci V. González
2020, 25(3), 692. Link


-Three-Step Telescoped Synthesis of Monosubstituted Vicinal Diamines from Aldehydes
Lledó Bou-Iserte, Antonio Latorre, Santiago Rodríguez, and Florenci V. González

ACS Omega 2019, 4, 2261-2267. Link


-Antiprotozoal and cysteine proteases inhibitory activity of dipeptidyl enoates
Santiago Royo, Tanja Schirmeister, Marcel Kaiser, Sascha Jung, Santiago Rodríguez, José Manuel Bautista, and Florenci V. González

Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2018, 26, 4624-4634. Link


-Regioselective Opening of Nitroepoxides with Unsymmetrical Diamines
Yazdanbakhsh L. Nosood, Azim Ziyaei Halimehjani, and Florenci V. González

J. Org. Chem. 2018, 83, 1252-1258. Link


- Preparation of biomedically interesting heterocycles starting from oxiranic compounds.

Florenci V. González, Lledó Bou-Iserte
Targets in Heterocyclic Systems 2018, Vol. 22, 1 -16. Link

- Design and Synthesis of Cysteine Protease Inhibitors.

Florenci V. González
Proceedings 2017, 1(6), 672. Link

- Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics studies of the mechanism of cysteine protease inhibition by peptidyl-2,3-epoxyketones.

Kemel Arafat, Silvia Ferrer, Florenci V. González and Vicent Moliner
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2017, 20, 12740 -12748. Link

- Dipeptidyl Nitroalkenes as Potent Reversible Inhibitors of Cysteine Proteases Rhodesain and Cruzain
Antonio Latorre, Tanja Schirmeister, Jochen Kesselring, Sascha Jung, Patrick Johé, Ute A. Hellmich, Anna Heilos, Bernd Engels, R. Luise Krauth-Siegel, Natalie Dirdjaja, Lledó Bou-Iserte, Santiago Rodríguez, and Florenci V. González

ACS Chem. Med. Lett. 2016, 12, 1073-1076. Link


- Natural Products as Cathepsin Inhibitors.

Andreu Vidal-Albalat and Florenci V. González
Studies in Natural Products Chemistry 2016, Vol. 50, 179 -213. Link

- Catalytic enantioselective epoxidation of nitroalkenes.

Andreu Vidal-Albalat, Katarzyna Swiderek, Javier izquierdo, Santiago Rodríguez, Vicent Moliner
and Florenci V. González
Chem. Commun. 2016, 52, 10060 -10063. Link


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- Preparation of Morpholines and Benzoxazines Starting from Nitroepoxides.

Estefanía Capel, Andreu Vidal-Albalat, Santiago Rodríguez, Florenci V. González
Synthesis (Feature Article) 2016, 48(16), 2572-2580. Link


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- Lignoids Isolated from Nectandra turbacensis (Kunth) Nees (Lauraceae)

Víctor Macías-Villamizar, Luís Cuca-Suárez, Santiago Rodríguez, Florenci V. González

Rec. Nat. Prod. 10:5 (2016) 654-658.

- Synthetic Studies on the Preparation of Alanyl Epoxysulfones as Cathepsin Cysteine Protease Electrophilic Traps.

Antonio Latorre, Santiago Rodríguez, Florenci V. González, Bogdan I. Florea, Herman S. Overkleeft
J. Org. Chem. 2015, 80, 7752 -7756. Link


- Dipeptidyl Enoates As Potent Rhodesain Inhibitors That Display a Dual Mode of Action.

Santiago Royo, Santiago Rodríguez, Tanja Schirmeister, Jochen Kesselring, Marcel Kaiser, Florenci V. González
Chem. Med. Chem. 2015, 10, 1484-1487. Link


- Patent: Improved Cysteine Proteases Inhibitors EP14382283

- Patent: Improved Cysteine Proteases Inhibitors EP14382307

- Nitroepoxides as Versatile Precursors to 1,4-Diamino Heterocycles.

Andreu Vidal, Santiago Rodríguez, Florenci V. González.
Org. Lett. 2014, 16, 1752-1755. Link


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A novel p38 MAPK docking-groove-targeted compound is a potent inhibitor of inflammatory hyperalgesia.
Hanneke L. D. M. Willemen, Pedro M. Campos, Elisa Lucas, Antonio Morreale, Rubén Gil-Redondo, Juan Agut, Florenci V. González, Paula Ramos, Cobi Heijnen, Federico Mayor, Annemieke Kavelaars and Cristina Murga
Biochem. J. 2014, 459, 427-439. Link

  • Development and validation of a liquid chromatography isotopedilution mass spectrometry method for the reliable quantificationof alkylphenols in environmental water samples by isotopepattern deconvolution
  • Neus Fabregat-Cabello, Juan V. Sancho, Andreu Vidal, Florenci V. González, Antoni Francesc Roig-Navarro. Journal of Chromatography A 2014, 1328, 43– 51. Link

- Study of the stereoselectivity of the nucleophilic epoxidation of 3-hydroxy-2-methylene esters.

Antonio Latorre, José A. Sáez, Santiago Rodríguez, Florenci V. González.
Tetrahedron 2014, 70, 97-102. Link


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- Fast methodology for the reliable determination of nonylphenol in water samples by minimal labeling isotope dilution mass spectrometry.
Neus Fabregat-Cabello, Ángel Castillo, Juan V. Sancho, Florenci V. González,
Antoni Francesc Roig-Navarro.
Journal of Chromatography A 2013, 1301, 19-26.Link

- Dynamic Kinetic Asymmetric Ring-Opening/Reductive Amination Sequence of Racemic Nitroepoxides with Chiral Amines:  Enantioselective Synthesis of Chiral Vicinal Diamines.

Juan Agut, Andreu Vidal, Santiago Rodríguez, Florenci V. González.
J. Org. Chem. 2013, 78, 5717-5722.

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- Stereoisomerization of alpha-hydroxy-beta-sulfenyl-alpha,beta-dimethyl Naphthoquinones Controlled by Nonbonded Sulfur-Oxygen Interactions.
Antonio Latorre, Santiago Rodríguez, Amit Jain, Florenci V. González, José A. Mata.
Tetrahedron 2013, 69, 2098-2101. Link

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- Radical Mechanism in the Elimination of 2-Arylsulfinyl Esters.
Antonio Latorre, Irakusne López, Victoria Ramírez, Santiago Rodríguez, Javier Izquierdo, Florenci V. González, Cristian Vicent.
J. Org. Chem. 2012, 77, 5191-5197. Link

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  • -Regioselective Ring Opening and Isomerization Reactions of 3,4-Epoxyesters Catalyzed by Boron Trifluoride.
  • Javier Izquierdo, Santiago Rodríguez, Florenci V. González.
  • Org. Lett. 2011, 13, 3856-3859. Link
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  • - Stereoisomerization of beta-Hydroxy-alpha-sulfenyl-gamma-butyrolactones Controlled by Two Concomitant 1,4-Type Nonbonded Sulfur-Oxygen Interactions As Analyzed by X-ray Crystallography.
  • Florenci V. González, Amit Jain, Santiago Rodrguez, Jos A. Sáez, Cristian Vicent, Gabriel Peris.
  • J. Org. Chem. 2010, 75, 5888-5894. Link

  • S-O

    - Influence of the Gas Atmosphere on the Deprotection of (Z)-gamma-Hydroxy alpha,beta Unsaturated Esters.
    • Irakusne López, Santiago Rodríguez, Javier Izquierdo, Florenci V. González and Cristian Vicent.
    Lett. Org. Chem. 2009, 6- 504-506. Link

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    - Highly stereoselective epoxidation of O-protected 3-hydroxy-1-nitroalkenes.
    Amit Jain, Santiago Rodríguez, Irakusne López, Florenci V. González.
    Tetrahedron 2009, 65, 8362-8366. Link

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    - Amidation through carbamates.
    Antonio Latorre, Santiago Rodríguez, Javier Izquierdo, Florenci V. González.
    Tet. Lett. 2009, 50, 2653-2655. Link

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    - Dipeptidyl-alpha,beta-epoxyesters as potent irreversible inhibitors of the cysteine proteases cruzain and rhodesain.
    Florenci V. González, Javier Izquierdo, Santiago Rodríguez, James H. McKerrow, Elizabeth Hansell.
    Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2007, 17, 6697-6700. Link

    - Patent: Cysteine Proteases Inhibitors WO20081522178

    - Diastereoselective synthesis of gamma-hydroxy alpha,beta-epoxyesters and their conversion into beta-hydroxy alpha-sulfenyl gamma-butyrolactones.
    Santiago Rodríguez, María Kneeteman, Javier Izquierdo, Irakusne López, Florenci V. González, Gabriel Peris. Tetrahedron 2006, 62, 11112-11123. Link
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    - Epoxides as useful synthetic building blocks.
    Javier Izquierdo, Irakusne López, Santiago Rodríguez. Florenci V. González.
    Rec. Res. Dev. Org. Chem. 2006, 10, 53-61.

    - Asymmetric epoxidation of poor-electron olefins.
    Santiago Rodríguez, Alberto Vidal, Juan J. Monroig, Florenci V. González.
    Rec. Res. Dev. Org. Chem. 2004, 8, 13-28.

    - Diastereoselectivity in the epoxidation of gamma-hydroxy alpha,beta-unsaturated esters: temperature and solvent effect.
    Santiago Rodríguez, Alberto Vidal, Juan J. Monroig, Florenci V. González.
    Tet. Lett. 2004, 45, 5359-5361. Link